Infinity Holiday Shopping List: For Your Non-Cycling Main Squeeze

We haven't forgotten those who are often left behind when we head out on the road and trails. Those who pine away for the same affection we so easily dote on our wheels. They may not have slipped so easily into this sport... and often are left wondering how in the world we can obsess over this sport. Those are the ones who truly deserve something special from us. We've assembled a few bits and pieces (and maybe even a little relationship advice) to help remind those we love that even if we spend hours with our bikes and our bike groups that THEY are the ones who really matter.

1. Travel Adventure
If you can, resist cycling meccas ;)

2. Quality Time
He/she has to share your heart with your bike... show them how much you appreciate them too.

3. Homemade Goodness
Focusing your attention on making something special (and hopefully tasty) for your loved one.

4. Bike Baubles
This jewelry allows you to show your affection while staying true to your love of cycling. SpokeBracelet (


5. Bike Snob (Book)
Show your loved one that you can have a sense of humor about it all.

6. Tube Feather Earrings
Who wouldn’t love these up-cycled earrings made from inner tubes?
PedalRebel (

7. Tidy Up
You spend hours riding, maintaining your bikes and kit... don’t forget to pitch in at home too. Make at least one grand gesture a week.


8. Upcycled Choker
Beauty meets biking... HappyJavelinaJewelry (

9. Ride Together
Forget the group ride and take him/her out for a little one on one adventure.

10. Custom, Hand-tooled Leather Bike Seat
You can try and woo him/her into cycling by gifting them a beautiful, hand-made seat. JustOneCustomBicycle (