Mikey Likes It: Tuning Bikes to Win

The last weekend in March saw Mikey complete a tri with team White Tri-ash (Katie Rose, Ryan Gomiela, Mikey, and cheerleader Coach Phil Moore). They trained as a team and raced as a team (Ryan even sporting some lovely trashy cut off shorts) and took second place as a team. What Mikey loved most about the experience, however, was hearing from the shop's friends and fans about how well their bikes performed. That gave Mikey a nice burst of pride... good work pays off in competition.

There are a lot of Tri's coming up in the weeks ahead and we'd like to give a shout out to those who have already raced and paced, but also a wish of steady pedals and speedy legs for those with races still to come.

Congratulations (and thank you for supporting Infinity Bike Shop) to: 

Ed Donner took 1st overall
Kristen Faust 1st Female 50-54
All For One Relay Team 1st with Debbie Phelps on bike
Angela Coram 1st Female 35-39
Julio Castillo 2nd mens Omplyic
Lisa Saturday 3rd womens Omplyic
Frank Silva 1st Duathlon
Alex Colon 2nd Duathlon

Upcoming Triathlons (if you haven't yet registered):

Ron Jon's Cocoa Beach Triathlon (April 12th)
Pineapple Man (June 7th)
Boardwalk (June 21st)
Battle of the Bridges (October 4th)