Athlete Profile: Kristin

Kristin Campbell Apotsos

One of the familiar faces you’ll see at the shop and on our weekly Thursday Night Mountain Bike Ride is Kristin. She’s been with the shop for just around two years now and her insight in to the sport of cycling has been invaluable to our customers and friends. No Thursday night is complete without her witty banter and fast-paced race through the trails. Recently, we asked her to share a bit more about herself...

How long have you been riding?

Just about 34 years now.

How frequently do you get out and ride?

My frequency depends on the season, but I average about 2-3 rides per week. It would be great if I could make that 4+ times...

Do you compete/train in any other sports?

I race stand-up paddle boards during the cyclocross off-season, but I also enjoy running, snowboarding and surfing when the weather is right.

When you’re not riding, what do you enjoy most?

A first rate day would involve a full day of outside play followed by lots of good food and microbrews.

What’s your most embarrassing moment on the bike?

Swamp Cross Single Speed race 2014. My chain fell off moments after the start. I had to run, carry and ride my bike around the entire course before I was allowed to go to the pit, get tools, and help. I still owe Steve Noble a beer for his assistance!

Most embarrassing moment off the bike?

I never made it to the off-shore starting line of stand-up paddle board race held at Cocoa Beach. The waves were 6-7 feet and the shore pound was massive. During my attempt to make it past the break, my bathing suit top came off! I didn’t realize this until my friend John, who was on the beach, pointed it out. Exposed. Failure. (Luckily the race organizers agreed to give me back my entry fee - perhaps it was for the free show.) ;)

Personality Quirk: What’s your favorite curse word?

The f-bomb… don’t tell my Mom or Mother-in-Law.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

There are several:
1. Designer of swimsuits for athletically-chested women.
2. Return to my biology roots and become a leading expert of mycology - the kind of expert that National Geographic or NPR calls for all their fungus-related questions.
3. Writer of science-based children’s books (maybe on mushrooms).

Any advice to offer someone new to the sport or intimidated by the sport?

Ironically, 10 years ago I was intimidated by road bikes! The thought of riding next to traffic on tires more than half the size than I was use to made me feel anxious. I thought aerobars were beyond my skill level. Once I bought a road bike and rode it, I found all of my fears were entirely unfounded.