We offer weekly CompuTrainer™ classes, instructor varies.  Structured training can be the key to breaking through riding plateaus and gaining a competitive edge. The system we use in our classes is the only training system capable of replicating true road feel including wind resistance and inclines so that you're ready, come race day.

Add to this, the ability to analyze your ride (ATA, power split, cadence, heart rate, etc.) and you have all the tools you need to refine and improve your ride.

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CompuTrainer™ Class Offerings

Each class can accommodate up to 6 riders and features a 60" flat-screen monitor, fans, shower and towels.  Contact the store to pay and claim your place in our next 8-week session, or fill out the pre-registration and we'll get back in touch with you shortly.

Fall 2015 Class Schedule


6:30 PM


5:30 PM


6:30 AM
6:30 PM

Anyday Lunch

Drop in any day between 12 - 2 pm for our $20 Lunch Special

Eight Week Training Program


One class per week. Make up missed classes anytime we have an opening. Riders also entitled to a free $50 professional fitting.



We have the ability to download most courses offered.

8 Session Punch Card


Can be used anytime there's an open space in class.

Walk-in Session


You're welcome to join any class that has an open space.

Individual Evaluation Session


We can test your pedal stroke efficiency and provide you a full report.