Lukas Harden

The shop product manager and mechanic, Lukas has been with infinity for a number of years now offering his expertise in all things gear and nutrition. When he's not at the shop, you'll likely find him rolling along the roads or tucked into a good book. 



You'll find Brandon helping out at the shop up front in the nutrition, gear and accessories area.  You'll often catch him in the shop on Saturday mornings covering for the crew so they can get in a group ride. 

Kristin Campbell Apotsos

Kristin offers our customers valuable insight into all things cycling and cycling gear in our Fall, Winter and Spring months. When she's not at Infinity, you can find her barreling down the trails, SUPing, CX racing and surfing. She's kind of an athletic Da Vinci of sorts.  She also makes the best cookies, which is why we really keep her around. ;)

Marty Gauss

Marty is a tremendous find for Infinity.  He brings with him over 30 years experience owning & running his own bike shop.  He is a tremendous wrench (mechanic) and a WEALTH of knowledge in the cycling world.  He's coached numerous racers to state & national championships.  His passion is training juniors & passing on his cycling knowledge to others.  Welcome to the team Marty!!


Justin Potier

Don't let his youthful appearance fool you.  Justin has quickly become a product expert in our Infinity showroom.  Have a parts, clothing or new bike question?  Justin has you covered.  You'll find him up front in the afternoons & weekends (when he's not in school).  He's also becoming a regular on group road rides.