Never Fix a Flat Again

Maybe you enjoy the meditative experience of replacing your tires and tubes, perhaps you enjoy the financial investment or the challenge. But if you're like most people we know, fixing a flat isn't exactly the highlight of your day. So, why not let us do it for you, for life? INFINITY Bike Shop is pleased to offer our "Lifetime Flat Repair" program.

How it works:

For a small, one-time fee, INFINITY Bike Shop will fix the flat tires on a qualifying bicycle. Qualifying bikes are those specifically registered with the Lifetime Flat Repair program.

The small print: Coverage is non-transferable to other bicycles/wheels. Coverage may also not be transferred to other customers should you sell your bike. Coverage applies as long as you own the bicycle.


$39.99 for any qualifying bike you already own

$29.99 when added to your bike at the time of purchase with our shop.

Consider the possible savings:

The typical flat repair costs approximately $20 a pop (pardon our pun), should you get  two or more flats over the life of your bike this program will already pay for itself.