What the What?

Firstly, you may be wondering what in the world is the Melbourne Mouser? Well, it’s part biking competition and part tour of our fabulous Melbourne. On the day of the event our cyclists will be given the top secret list of locations, it is then their duty to visit each location on the list (in any order they see fit) and get a stamp to prove they were there. 

Some cyclists will be doing it for the glory of 1st, 2nd or 3rd place and some will simply be doing it for the fun. (did we mention there’d be a best costume prize?)

The ride starts at 1pm and goes all the way until 4 pm. We expect the after-party to go on until about 6 pm.

We’re only including 15 locations so don’t miss out! Sign up today to be part of the fun!

As we’re heading into our summer season, our snow birds have departed and Melbourne becomes just a bit more mellow and quiet. We thought this would be the perfect time to infuse a little fun into this sleepy time of year and help tout all the fun places there are in Melbourne.

Ok, So where do I fit in?

We’re building our top secret manifest and we’d love for your location to be on the list! 

What’s in it for me?

1. Exposure to all the cyclists in your leg of the event. (cyclists tend to have a higher than average income with money to spend and we’re bringing them right to your door!)
2. Each business will receive a call-out on the manifest touting what’s unique about you and what you have to offer the community.
3. Inclusion in the event swag bag. Want to toss in a coupon, a business card, pen, or any other item to remind riders of your location? You got it!
4. We invite you to participate at our after party the day of the event. We’ll be offering some post-ride nosh and refreshments, vendors and businesses/locations from the manifest are invited to set up a tent or table (or simply send a representative) to further expose your business to our riders post-ride.

Ok, I’m listening... tell me more

We have two legs of the event, race-paced (30 miles) and the family-friendly, cruise-paced (10 miles). All locations in the cruise-paced leg of the event will also be included in the race-paced manifest.  As you can imagine, the cruise-paced group of locations will gain the most exposure (as all our riders are required to visit these locations). The race-paced group will not include families with children under the age of 15.

Sign Me Up! What Do you Need From Me?

There is absolutely no registration fee for locations, but in order to promote your business we’ll need a single prize (valued at $50 retail) and the rest is optional (although it would be awesome to have because it helps promote your business). See the form below. The ride runs from 1pm until 4:00/4:30pm on Sunday.

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