Evoke R WSD


Evoke R WSD


Upgrade to the proper support, improved comfort, and better blood flow of an inForm saddle with the women's specific Evoke Race WSD. Featuring trail-worthy design touches like abrasion-resistant sides and a rounded rear profile, the Evoke Race WSD also includes a gender-specific Contour Relief Zone (CRZ) that gives added pressure relief to sensitive soft-tissue.

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  • Posture 3 - Performance: Neutral pelvic rotation for a balance of comfort and efficiency
  • WSD - Engineered specifically for women to yield better fit and greater comfort
  • Contour Relief Zone - Recessed saddle cavity eases pressure on soft tissue
  • Size Specific Curvature - Curvature of each saddle is designed specific to its width
  • Hollow Chromoly rails and nylon composite shell
  • Abrasion Resistant - Durable material at vulnerable spots for increased life and looks
  • inForm BioDynamics - Products designed to optimize your natural movement for sustained, higher performance