Paradigm R


Paradigm R


Upgrade to proper skeletal support, improved comfort, and sustained higher performance with the inForm BioDynamcis Paradigm R bicycle saddle. Featuring hollow chromoly rails to reduce weight and our CRZ+ cutaway to maximize pressure relief to the perineal area, this saddle is the perfect choice for any rider looking for an ergonomic design in a performance-level saddle. Choose from one of three widths for a personalized fit.

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  • Versatile saddle designed for the needs of Posture 2 riders with the ability to support Posture 3
  • Gel Padding - Soft cushion gel padding provides ultra comfort
  • Contour Relief Zone Plus - Cutaway design eliminates contact points on targeted soft tissue areas
  • Size Specific Curvature - Curvature of each saddle is designed specific to its width
  • Hollow chromoly rails
  • Nylon composite shell
  • inForm BioDynamics - Products designed to optimize your natural movement for sustained, higher performance