Inspect frame for safety, check all bolts/parts to ensure tight, lubricate chain, check tire pressure, inflate tires as needed, recommend additional repairs & replacements.

Standard Tune



Includes a Safety Check PLUS: Adjust front & rear derailleurs (shifting), adjust front & rear brakes, lubricate cables to facilitate smoother shifting & braking, adjust wheel hubs, adjust headset, adjust bottom bracket, True (straighten) wheels

Full Tune


Includes a Standard Tune-Up PLUS: Drivetrain cleaning, installation of replacement parts included, labor for minor cable and housing, labor for install tires and tube.

Performance TunE


Includes Full Tune-Up PLUS: Strip bike of parts down to the frame.  major replacement of all cables & housing, re-pack headset & bottom bracket, re-wrap bar tape. *** Cables & Housing are the only parts INCLUDED with this Tune-up ***