Features Overview



Today’s road bikes are tricky little buggers. Sure, there’s still a place for super narrow, pizza cutter-esque tires that save watts and shave grams or whatever. There’s probably still even a place for a road racing bike. Those places still exist. We just don’t know — or particularly care — where they are. That’s not what our Pavement category is about. We value road bikes that can go well beyond fresh pavement, have accouterments for various accessories, and won’t leave you fighting a sore back for weeks after your ride. We design for versatility rather than race results and the only wind tunnels we use are the ones that are attached to us.


There are very few things in this cold, dark world that truly compare to loading your bike with only the bare essentials — or luxurious comforts — and hitting the road or dirt for a while. Our robust line of touring bikes has a range of escape vehicles in both the on-road and off-road flavors. Each one is ready and willing to take a break from the real world for a predetermined period of time, be it overnight or for the rest of your life. As is the case with everything we do, our touring bikes are designed with versatility on the brain. As such, they’re chock full of smart features you won’t find anywhere else. Get loaded and GTFO!


Trail bikes are deeply rooted in the Surly DNA. In fact, our trail category has pioneered numerous trends in the mountain biking world, from 29ers and fat bikes to the invention of Plus tires. We’re not telling you this so that you’ll thank us (though it would be nice to get a cake or something from time to time.) Instead, we offer up these mildly-boastful facts to show that when it comes to trail bikes, we know what the hell we’re talking about. Our Trail category is proof and is made of pudding or something like that.



We’re firm believers that you can and should spend as much of your day on a bicycle as possible. That includes commuting, kid-hauling, grocery shopping, hitting the hardware store and lumberyard, date night, and all other et ceteras. The long-tail cargo bikes and bike trailers that make up our Haulin’ category offer everything you need to leave your four-wheeled combustible vehicle at home and still run all your errands. Our cargo bikes have been likened to the modern-day minivan and our trailers make most pickup trucks irrelevant.